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Recreational skills classes are the perfect way to learn a new cuisine or a new technique in the kitchen. From summer grilling to navigating a Farmer’s Market to holiday baking, New School of Cooking’s programs supply a foundation of knowledge and skill to help you in your kitchen.

In the seasonal knife skills classes, you will learn to dice, chop, julienne, and chiffonade while applying these skills to a menu like Mexican Salsas and Sides or Korean Rice Bowls. If baking is your goal, our popular French Macarons class will have you expertly making the gem-toned cookies for your friends and family.

Ready to master seafood? Our seasonal seafood class prepares you to impress at your next dinner party. Date night gets an upgrade with our couples classes – featuring the culinary regions of Provence, Morocco, or Emilia Romagna.

Everything is provided: aprons, recipes, kitchen tools, and ingredients. Students will eat together at the end of class.

The classes change seasonally with the full listing of available classes in the latest catalog. To reserve your spot, select a campus calendar below and search for the class title.

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